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On Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked if Joe Biden told his family not to conduct business on White House grounds.

Real Clear News reporter Philip Wegmann asked KJP if there are any ‘guard rails’ in place in light of the Hunter Biden scandal involving Joe Biden.

Wegmann was referring to Hunter Biden’s appearance at a State Dinner on the South Lawn last week.

Hunter Biden was seen rubbing elbows with powerful and wealthy elitists at a State Dinner for Indian PM Modi.

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“It’s not unusual for presidents to invite…their family to WH functions…I’m curious…in light of…the recent legal controversy if [Biden] communicated to…his family not to conduct business on WH grounds. Can you tell us about any kinds of guardrails”? Philip Wegmann asked.

Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer the question citing an ongoing DOJ investigation.

“When it comes to ethics, we take that very, very seriously,” Karine Jean-Pierre said before walking away from the lectern.

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