Source: Leisa Audette

This is a crushing moment for the team because they entered the Tokyo Olympics as the top-ranked team in the world, only to be clobbered by Sweden in an opening loss. The loss put an end to their 44-game undefeated streak. Ouch!

USA women’s soccer lost to Canada 1-0 and is now out of the running for a gold medal in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Many Americans weren’t disappointed that the team lost because they displayed anti-American behavior before traveling to the Olympics in Tokyo.

Controversy has followed the team since some of the players became political activists instead of focusing on winning. The main instigator of the move to “wokeness” is Megan Rapinoe who wears her activism on her sleeve. The entire team wore BLM t-shirts during warm-ups for their last game against Mexico before traveling to the Olympics.

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Many on the team kneel or ignore the National Anthem by staying in the locker room during its playing. What they don’t get is that they have the freedom to make asses of themselves by hating their home country but they wouldn’t have those same freedoms in so many other places.

“Karma” came to the kneelers like Rapinoe: