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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have openly opposed former President Donald Trump’s claims of being a “COVID tyrant” while also critiquing his stance on lockdowns during the pandemic.

Both Kemp and DeSantis, who are prominent Republican figures, pushed back against Trump’s assertions that he was unfairly labeled as a “tyrant” during his handling of the COVID-19 crisis. They emphasized that they had taken measures to protect individual liberties while addressing the pandemic’s challenges in their respective states.

Kemp, known for his early efforts to reopen Georgia’s economy, highlighted his approach to balancing public health concerns with economic stability. He stressed that lockdowns had severe economic consequences and argued for a more nuanced response to the pandemic.

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DeSantis, who faced both support and criticism for handling the Florida pandemic, defended his approach of keeping businesses open and allowing individuals to make their own choices regarding mask mandates and vaccinations. He argued that these decisions should be made locally, emphasizing the importance of personal freedom.

In their criticism of Trump’s lockdown record, Kemp and DeSantis underscored the need for flexibility and a tailored response to COVID-19. They believe that one-size-fits-all approaches, like strict lockdowns, are not the most effective way to handle a diverse and evolving crisis.

In conclusion, Brian Kemp and Ron DeSantis have rejected Trump’s characterization of himself as a “COVID tyrant” and used the opportunity to reinforce their positions on managing the pandemic. Both governors emphasized their commitment to individual liberties and belief in a more localized and flexible approach to addressing COVID-19 challenges. This exchange highlights the ongoing debate within the Republican party regarding pandemic response strategies.