Look around you … We no longer have a Constitutional Republic. We have a Corporatocracy. This is so well hidden from us, spell check says it’s misspelled.

In 1871 we were incorporated under Maritime Law, bypassing our Constitution to do business with international Companies. We know this, but what can be done? It is a global market, and it is all tied together by international Rothschild Bankers.

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Such great wealth, it is a fantastic power held by just a few unelected people to be not only above the law, but can also print unsecured and limitless money at will, putting it on the backs of every country around the world with a central bank, as debt slavery. We have quadrupled the National Debt in a little over a decade. Accountable to no one, they are indeed the all seeing eye on our currency. They own our future, lock, stock and barrel. Secular is their nature, with no Moral compass, they have the ability to change the fundamental precepts of world religions for their own power and control, usurping a benign religion to hide behind. They rewrite history to secure their constant and unrelenting domination of the world, and considered the proverbial men behind the curtain.