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One silver lining to be found amid the chaos wrought by Democrat officials in positions of power — from the White House to governors’ mansions around the country — is how enacting leftist policies expose the damaging consequences of the Democrat agenda. 

In Kentucky, new voter registration numbers this week showed just how powerful the case for Republican leadership has been as voters see and feel the effects of policies inflicted by Democrat President Joe Biden and the Democrat Governor Andy Beshear. 

As of April 21, Republicans officially claimed a historic lead in voter registration with 1,587,478 voters to Democrats’ 1,534,606, a significant victory for the Republican Party of Kentucky as it looks toward this November’s election in which Beshear is seeking another term as governor after narrowly winning what was the closest gubernatorial election in Kentucky’s history.

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On Beshear’s watch, since he took office in 2019, Democrats have lost 147,119 registered voters (-8.75 percent) in Kentucky while Republicans gained 118,373 registered voters (+8.06 percent).

As a refresher, Beshear won in 2019 by barely more than 5,000 votes or 0.4 percent against Matt Bevin, the nation’s least popular governor at the time according to Morning Consult. In his 2015 campaign for attorney general, Beshear squeaked out a victory by roughly 2,000 votes. 

That math means Kentucky Republicans are eager for this November’s elections in which Beshear will face voters as he asks them for a second term as governor. 

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