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In a recent development, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has made a significant shift in his position regarding the release of Capitol surveillance footage from the January 6 protests. Previously, it was reported by Axios that McCarthy had granted exclusive access to this footage to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, totaling a staggering 41,000 hours of video.

Since January 2021, The Gateway Pundit has been vocal about the plight of the individuals involved in the January 6 political events. While mainstream media largely neglected their struggles, The Gateway Pundit highlighted the alleged abuse of these individuals, harassment of their families, and false narratives surrounding the events. Many of these individuals faced FBI raids, lost businesses, and endured separation from loved ones. Some even tarnished their reputations with politicians from both sides of the aisle.

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Furthermore, numerous prisoners remain incarcerated without trial over two years later, while others were convicted for relatively minor actions during the Capitol incident.

The Gateway Pundit played a pivotal role in raising funds to support these individuals and their families, raising nearly $2 million. They also provided extensive coverage of their stories, shared letters from the prisoners, and created a comprehensive database called “The American Gulag” to give information on each prisoner, relevant news articles, and ways to support them.

In a related development, the House Administration Committee has released a new policy allowing various qualified individuals, including news outlets and Jan. 6 defendants, to view footage of the Capitol attack. Access will be provided through terminals overseen by the committee, with restrictions on recording and time limitations. This move, led by Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk, aims to increase transparency and accountability by providing access to security footage from January 5th and 6th, 2021, in contrast to the previous Democratic leadership’s approach of limiting access to carefully edited clips.

In conclusion, the evolving situation around the release of Capitol surveillance footage and the continued advocacy by The Gateway Pundit for the January 6 prisoners underscore the ongoing controversy and legal battles stemming from the events of that day. The recent policy change in the House Administration Committee reflects an effort to address transparency concerns surrounding the footage.