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A trial date has been set by Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee for a case involving 19 defendants, including former President Donald Trump, in Fulton County, Georgia. The trial pertains to a 41-count racketeering case, with defendant Kenneth Chesebro pushing for a speedy trial. The trial date of October 23 was proposed by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in response to Chesebro’s motion for a swift trial. However, Judge McAfee ruled that this timeline would apply only to Chesebro, who was indicted for his involvement in assembling a slate of “alternate” Republican electors in Georgia.

The arraignment for Chesebro is scheduled for September 6, with pretrial motions due by September 27 and a pretrial conference set for September 29. Trump’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, requested the separation of Trump’s case from Chesebro’s. Meanwhile, there are complicating factors as three defendants seek to transfer their cases to U.S. District Court, potentially influencing the other 18 defendants to follow suit.

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Former President Trump turned himself in and was arrested, but released on a $200,000 bond on Thursday night. He expressed discomfort with having a mugshot taken, emphasizing that he believes the charges against him are unfounded and related to alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Trump’s formal arraignment, where he is expected to plead not guilty, is anticipated to occur in early September.

Trump faces charges that include violating the Georgia RICO Act, criminal conspiracy, criminal solicitation, filing false documents, and making false statements. Throughout the situation, Trump has criticized the handling of the case, asserting that it is part of a broader narrative of election interference and political motivations.