Posted BY: Kara | NwoReport

Kim Jong Un has declared his plans to make North Korea the “world’s most powerful” nuclear force in an official order promoting defense science researchers.

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Kim made the announcement in an order that was published by the country’s only news agency, KCNA, on Saturday.

“Our relentless work to build nuclear forces to firmly defend the dignity and sovereignty of the state and the people by hundreds of millions of units is the greatest and most important revolutionary cause, and its final goal is to seize the world’s strongest strategic force, absolute power unprecedented in the century,” Kim said in the order.

Kim said that the scientists have developed “the world’s most powerful strategic weapon,” an intercontinental ballistic missile called Hwaseong-17.

The nuclear warhead, which is theoretically able to reach the United States, was test-fired earlier this month.

The supreme leader praised the scientists for “completing the development of nuclear weapons and making a remarkable leap forward in the development of nuclear weapons.”

“The country’s firm determination and decisive execution power toward the goal of the world’s most powerful military, enormous potential, and confident victory are shown to the world,” Kim said.

The announcement came after Kim made a second public appearance with his young daughter, raising speculation about his succession.