Posted BY: Howard Hyde

Some Republicans are embarrassed by the spectacle of our divided party on display in the House speaker election. Without question, some political cartoonists on the Left have had a field day.  But we can share in the chuckle without shame. For we have just demonstrated what representative republican democracy is supposed to be, and how it is supposed to work.  It is our proudest accomplishment as a party and perhaps as a country in at least three years.

At no point in the proceedings (like say, after the first vote) did or could McCarthy say “Okay, we’ll pause now, everyone go home, we’ll just have to wait until all the mail-in ballots postmarked next week are counted, and hey! — wouldn’t you know it, a truck loaded with photocopied ballots just showed up at the Capitol loading dock, and if that doesn’t get me over the top. Nothing to see here, don’t be a Denier.” 

Regular order was observed.

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