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RINOs are doing all they can to stop Donald Trump.

The Koch Network has raised over $70 million in an effort to stop Trump from being the 2024 nominee.

Breitbart reported:

The Koch network, bankrolled by GOP mega-donor billionaire Charles Koch, is raising tens of millions of dollars to tank former President Donald Trump’s chances of securing the Republican presidential nomination.

Records reviewed by the New York Times reveal that the Koch network has raised more than $70 million for its 2016-style effort to prevent Trump from becoming the GOP nominee to go up against President Joe Biden.

Though fundraising to stop Trump would be the first time the Koch network gets directly involved in a GOP presidential primary, the network’s donors tried in 2016 to tank Trump’s candidacy with former executive Marc Short at the helm.

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According to the Times, donors associated with the Koch network had hoped to throw their support behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in the GOP primary but have since backed off following what was perceived as a rocky campaign kickoff that launched on a Twitter space.

Polling shows that Donald Trump is still dominating the GOP primary race.

His lead is only growing.