Posted BY: Allan J. Feifer

Two things one must understand about evil. First, while everywhere, evil is frequently hidden from our view. Second, evil is seductive and attracts those to it that may live otherwise ordinary lives. It may help us to better understand evil as some kind of cult. Those that belong to the cult of evil are part of something semi-exclusive that not everyone can join. Evildoers frequently do things, which to them infer a sense of superiority and exclusivity for those on the inside.

Today I’ll share with you the chilling but true story of political poisonings and bioweapons hotly pursued by Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and a couple more would-be contenders who feel little restraint in pursuing a path of pure evil to this day.

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While on vacation, I read the book The Dancer and the Devil which is subtitled “Stalin, Pavlova and the road to the great Pandemic” written by John O’Neil and Sarah Wynn. Have you ever considered that some of the seemingly most complex issues are a product of people looking for that complexity when the answers are simple? So, it is with this story as well. We’ll begin today with the end of the story and work our way backward.

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