Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

Investigative journalist Lara Logan has unveiled her groundbreaking investigative series, “The Rest of the Story,” marking a significant milestone in her career. This South African television and radio journalist, formerly CBS News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, has collaborated with Sovren Media on this ambitious project for several months.

“The Rest of the Story” series promises to shed light on essential and overlooked narratives. In its inaugural segment, “The Matthew Perna Story, Part 1,” Logan delves into the tragic tale of Matthew Perna, who uttered heartfelt words to his Aunt Geri before his untimely demise. He apologized for causing her to lose friends due to his involvement in the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Facing threats of imprisonment and court appearances from the Biden administration, Matthew ultimately took his own life, a sad testament to the personal toll of the aftermath of that fateful day.

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Lara Logan’s commitment to uncovering hidden truths extends to stories ignored or downplayed by mainstream media. One such story is that of Rosanne Boyland, which she intends to bring to the forefront. Through this series, Logan aims to give Boyland’s narrative the attention it rightfully deserves.

This production features appearances by notable figures such as Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit, Cara Castronuova, family members of the January 6 defendants, and others. It represents an important effort to provide a platform for voices and stories that have been marginalized or overlooked.

In conclusion, Lara Logan’s “The Rest of the Story” series is pivotal in investigative journalism. It offers a fresh perspective on events surrounding January 6 and promises to unearth compelling narratives. Viewers are encouraged to watch and share this enlightening production to ensure that these stories reach a wider audience.