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Today, The Two Mikes spoke with lawyer Larry Klayman about how the January 6th incident is being handled by the Democrats, as well as the terrible penalty being imposed on the demonstrators who were arrested for peacefully demonstrating that day and are being held because of the usual criminal activity of DOJ and the FBI, and federal judiciary.

Mr. Klayman spoke bluntly about the blatant injustice of these facts, and called for peaceful public activism to aid those incarcerated for using their 1st Amendment rights.

After we’ve witnessed all of the Black Lives Matter rioting throughout the summer of 2020 and the Democrats continually defending this violence and carnage, even going so far as to bail them out of prison, it is utter hypocrisy that they treat prisoners from January 6th be treated as they are.

Mr. Klayman also spoke of his recent meeting of the Third Continental Congress, which is a vehicle being used to discuss American independence, and, if a majority agrees, the Congress will re-declare independence and push the cause via peaceful political activism.

Mr. Klayman also discussed his work using the “Citizens’ Grand Jury” to indict people like Dr. Fauci, an event that may come next week.

It’s clear for any sane observer to see that Dr Fauci has been wrong virtually every step of the way, which has led to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths during the COVID-19 “pandemic.”

Even just the simple fact that Dr Fauci has ignored the science, ruined people’s lives through encouraging lockdowns and social distancing should be enough.

But on top of that, he’s intentionally refused to promote two known and effective treatments for COVID-19… Ivermectin and HCQ.

Instead, he’s continually promoted the experimental injections, which have caused serious side effects and thousands of deaths.

It’s clear that it’s time to indict Dr Anthony Fauci.

The Two Mikes were mostly listeners in the session with Mr. Klayman.

He had many interesting things to say and the show ran much longer than usual.

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