They would have to show a vaccine passport in order to be able to vote against them.

Source: Ken Macon | Reclaim The Net

Starting Monday, November 15, lawmakers who can’t produce a vaccine passport in Latvia will not be allowed to attend in-person and remote meetings. Additionally, they will not be paid.

Saeima, the parliament of the Republic of Latvia, approved the law in a 62-7 vote. Starting Monday, when the nation-wide lockdown ends, members of the Saeima and the members of local governments have to show a vaccine passport to attend sessions.

However, they can still attend parliament sessions if they show proof of recovery from a recent COVID-19 infection or a medical exemption combined with a negative test.

The law will be enforced from Monday until July 1 next year, according to the Baltic News Service.

According to Latvian Television, of the 100 members of the Saeima, 91 have been double vaccinated. 696 of the 758 members of local governments can show a vaccine passport.

A few weeks ago, the Saeima also allowed employers to fire employees who are required to be vaccinated but have not shown a vaccine passport.