“Joe Biden has weaponized the ATF against gun owners and the firearms industry in an attempt to violate the Second Amendment and expand his illegal gun registry,” says Gun Owners of America.

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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) is

aggressively pushing a “zero tolerance policy” for revoking the licenses of firearm sellers, leaked documents reveal.Gun Owners of America (GOA) first obtained the documents Thursday, which show ATF updated its federal firearms licensee (FFL) inspection guidance in January 2022 after the Biden regime announced the new policy a year earlier.The new updates claim that revoking FFLs has become “the assumed action” of violations of its guidelines.“Therefore, revocation is the assumed action, unless extraordinary circumstances exist, when violations are cited that include” transferring a firearm “to a prohibited person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe the transferee is a prohibited person,” failing to perform a background check, and “making a false or fictitious

written statement in the FFL’s required records or in applying for a firearms license,” the guidance reads.The updated guidelines say the “ATF must establish willfulness” to proceed with revoking licenses, but notes it “does not have to establish a history of prior violations to determine willfulness.”

Accordingly, ATF will revoke a federal firearms license, absent extraordinary circumstances on initial violations, if those violations inherently demonstrate willfulness, such as transferring a firearm to a prohibited person; failing to run a background check prior to transferring a firearm to a non-licensee; falsifying records, or making false statements; failing to respond to an ATF tracing request; refusing to permit ATF to conduct an inspection; or allowing a straw sale of a firearm to occur.ATF may also revoke for any other willful first-time violation as it deems appropriate.

GOA director of federal affairs Aiden Johnston told Fox News that “Joe Biden has weaponized the ATF against gun owners and the firearms industry in an attempt to violate the Second Amendment and expand his illegal gun registry.”

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“Rather than targeting those who display clear negligence and disregard for the law, ATF now revokes licenses without warning at the discovery of a first mistake by honest gun dealers,” Johnston said.

“When Federal Firearms Licensees are forced out of business, ATF adds their records to its digital gun registry that has nearly a billion gun and gun owner records,” he continued. “GOA is already working with Second Amendment champions like Rep. Michael Cloud on Capitol Hill to address this alarming issue and eliminate this unconstitutional gun registry.”

This is just another attempt by the Biden regime to do an end-run around the Second Amendment by using federal bureaucracy to target gun sellers.

The more FFLs the Biden Administration revokes, the less access Americans will have to their Second Amendment rights.

Read the full document:

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