America has its share of problems that were once thought to be a conspiracy, now proving to be fact. Scandal after scandal, cover up after cover up, it is all orchestrated by the liberal government and their lobbyists.

The DNC is operating corruption on a worldwide scale. We have a democratic presidential candidate who, while Secretary of State, sold 20% of America’s uranium to Russia being investigated by the FBI.

They are investigating Hillary Clinton because they know she pockets money from each scandal and the FBI has finally caught up to her trail of bread crumbs.

Something’s got to give to make the Clinton piggy bank go bust.

People like Hillary Clinton are accepting money in order to sell away American resources, rights and freedoms.

Like Hillary, President Obama also partakes in dirty business. He is allowing human trafficking along the Mexican border and it has gotten out of control.


According to Breitbart, “Breitbart Texas exclusively obtained leaked law enforcement images of a crossing attempt by human smugglers in an area between Del Rio and Laredo, Texas.”

Black and white images were used by border patrol to capture illegal human trafficking along the Texas line.

In these pictures, illegal immigrants showed up in SUV’s, gathered their belongings and carried them overhead across the waters of the Rio Grande, got into cars and were driven into our land of freedom.

Human traffickers shouldn’t earn a wage in smuggling illegals into America, this type of precedence is asking for trouble as many take the money and commit murder.


Above is a photographed Texan grave where countless illegal immigrants’ bodies are found.

Border Patrol Agent Shawn Moran, spoke with Breitbart Texas in his role as National Border Patrol Council Vice President.

The lack of government enforcement along the Mexican border is in desperate need for change. Only 40% of illegal immigrants that cross the Mexican border are caught. How many more die at the hands of their smugglers?

The lack of a proper physical barrier and border security patrol enable human smugglers and their cargo to casually wade across the shallow waters of the Rio Grande to American soil, where more human traffickers await their arrival.

As Breitbart Texas recently reported, “the numbers of illegal immigrant families and unaccompanied minors crossing the border from Mexico are up dramatically in the federal Fiscal Year 2016. The apprehension of families has increased by 95 percent over FY 2015 numbers to 77,674 according to a report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The number of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) crossing the border hit a near record total of 59,692.”

“According to a previous Breitbart Texas report, the numbers of illegal immigrants have been dramatically increasing in the three months leading up to the election.” Breitbart concludes.

So, Donald Trump is correct–the border control situation is a complete mess.

Illegal immigrants support the liberal agenda by accepting Hillary Clinton because the guy that lets them in, President Obama, tells them to and also by never questioning authority because Obama is “such a nice guy”. Think about it.

Native Americans are being abused in a peace protest in South Dakota right now, defending our water resources against the great Canadian pipeline and no one seems to care.

America is in a general state of chaos right now masking one disaster with the next.

President Obama has notoriously and purposely become relaxed when dealing with illegal immigrants. Undocumented persons lead to sex trafficking, drug trafficking, disease and other heinous crime, so why would the president not try to fix this issue?

Interesting enough, illegal immigrants have been granted the ability to vote, is it at all shocking to see a large increase of illegal immigrants three months prior to Election Day?

Last year, $800,000,000 was given to Texan Governor Greg Abbott to tighten border security, yet the numbers of illegal immigrants keep climbing. Countless children were left “in limbo” last year, even foreign countries demanded an answer from Obama.


“Most of those kids who arrived last year are still in the United States and are still working their way through the immigration court system,” said Marc Rosenblum, the deputy director of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) immigration policy program.

“There’s still a real crisis in the United States… in our immigration court system, because the courts are completely overwhelmed and have a real problem processing these kids and determining who’s eligible for asylum or some other visa that would allow them to stay in the United States.”

The report reveals that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had its budget increased to $912,000,000 in FY 2014 and again to $948,000,000 in FY 2015 in caring for these children alone.

“This money was used for shelters, medical care and placement efforts. $14 million was also used for schools that saw a dramatic increase in enrollment due to the surge of children.” Breitbart continues.

American borders, immigration control and the immigration court system are complete disappointments.

Last year, Daily Mail UK and other media outlets were enraged when they saw pictures circulating of illegal immigrant children (like shown below), but dropped interest when not as many ended up in body bags. President Obama declared he was “fixing the problem”.

“The problem” has yet to be fixed and billions of dollars have now been wasted in effort, affecting our judicial system and overcrowding our own citizens’ schools and hospitals.

Why not simply invest that money into fixing the border between the U.S. and Mexico? The children will not have to be “in limbo” and everyone can be screened and cleared legally.

With human trafficking comes horrors of desperation and cruelty, not to mention corruption.

We shouldn’t be encouraging people to see what they can get away with, we should be enforcing laws and regulations.

If our immigration process is a nightmare, it needs to be changed.

Donald Trump is going to recreate the deteriorating border, provide more jobs to border patrol and actually fix this problem. The solution is to mandate the issue before it gets out of hand, not dance around it.


Do not be bullied by the media, President Obama and his administration, Hillary Clinton or the DNC. It is not right to smuggle human beings across the border- period. President Obama and Hillary Clinton are making money by allowing this situation to exist.

We, as Americans, have an obligation to uphold and sometimes it isn’t pretty, but we make the most of it. Vote for Donald Trump- lets actually fix the problem where it needs it, which is at the border.