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The Left went into full freakout mode when Elon Musk made his bid for Twitter. Then they went into full freakout mode when Musk had second thoughts. Then they went into full freakout mode when it looked like the deal was back on.

At some point it becomes a form of entertainment. What will the Left freak out about today? There are so many triggers.

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A few years back I would never have believed that Elon Musk would become a boogyman for the Left because he seemed so green. However, Musk got red-pilled along the way and now even his solar, battery, and electric car credentials won’t save him from attempted cancellations by Leftists who care more about censoring their enemies than reducing CO2 emissions.

Some liberals have entered the bargaining stage of grief over Musk’s purchase of Twitter, with POLITICO’s Senior Media Writer Jack Shafer taking the lead. Schafer is doing his best to convince Musk that allowing freer speech on Twitter would amount to putting $44 billion into a pile and lighting it on fire. And surely Musk, a savvy businessman, would never do that. Right? Right?!

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