Source: ProTrumpNews Staff

The ratings for left-wing shows continue to crash.

Late-night talk show hosts Steven Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel have all seen their ratings drop without Trump.

Here are their current season-to-date average audience size:

-Late Show with Steven Colbert- down 16%

-Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon – down 21%

-Jimmy Kimmel Live! – down 9%

The Wrap reported:

Season to date, Colbert is averaging 2.915 million total viewers (down 16%) and 425,000 viewers (-20%) in the key demo. Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” is averaging 1.533 million total viewers (down 21%) and 343,000 viewers (-28%) in the key demo. “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” has brought in 1.800 million total viewers (down 9%) and 344,000 viewers (-21%) in the demo.

Head-to-head with left-wing late night shows, Greg Gutfield’s Fox News show Gutfeld! gets about 1.5 million viewers a night.

Breitbart reported:

Greg Gutfeld’s late-night show, Gutfeld!, which airs on Fox News, is right in the mix with around 1.5 million average viewers, which puts him neck and neck with the Tonight Show.

Gutfeld! is now above Jimmy Kimmel and just behind Jimmy Fallon.

With the dramatic decline in left-wing ratings, that means conservative late-night show Gutfeld! has moved into third place.