Posted BY: Jim Hollingsworth

There is a new documentary out, Enemies Within the Church, which documents the decline of evangelical Christianity and the rise of liberalism within the church.  Every Christian who is concerned about liberty needs to watch this film and share it with his friends.

The film makes the point that the modern church has neglected any teaching about the law.  Truly, the Ten Commandments were given to Israel, but they are important to the Christian church as well.

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Although no one was ever saved by keeping the law, the Ten Commandments were important to the founders of America. The men who founded America knew their Bibles well. They knew the importance of the Ten Commandments, not only in God’s relationship with Israel but as a foundation of law in any community. This evident fact was so important that in time, the Ten Commandments became the basis of criminal law in every state of the Union.

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