Fake Us President Biden

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Nancy Van Deest

As more Americans abandon God, evil gains a greater foothold in the U.S., working nonstop to demolish our constitutional republic.  While many people sense a hidden malignancy choreographing what’s taking place, they can’t identify it.  Make no mistake: ultimately, Satan is behind these efforts, using his deluded followers, both in and outside government, to lure Americans away from Christian values to fundamentally transform their hearts, minds, souls and ultimately the nation. 

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Our forefathers, like John Adams, understood that the Constitution was written for a moral and religious people.  Reading the founders‘ original writings, and not just the four or five that current history books highlight, it is clear that they chose the general principles of  Christianity outlined in the Bible as the best foundation on which to base that morality.  Absent a biblical God, our nation’s morality is being rebuilt upon Satan’s deception that the force of government can establish utopia on Earth using man-made values.  But without God’s absolute truths, the nation and many of its people are unstable, providing government opportunities to exercise tyrannical powers, silence our faith, and steal our God-given rights.

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