Gizmodo is rightfully reporting with concern on the advancing deployment of China’s social credit scoring system, and the accompanying rewards and penalties included in the plan

Report: China’s Social Credit System Has Blocked Tens of Millions of Rejected Plane and Train Tickets

China’s dystopian “social credit” system—which penalizes citizens found to have engaged in some type of misconduct by imposing a number of restrictions on their activities—has already resulted in tens of millions of rejected attempts to purchase plane or train tickets, the Guardian reported on Friday.

That’s according to information released by the National Public Credit Information Centre, which stated that travelers were restricted from buying 17.5 million plane tickets and 5.5 million train tickets. Part of the report used the slogan “Once discredited, limited everywhere,”

Dystopian indeed. Kinda like what the left already does this to their enemies in America.

In the following clip from this year’s CPAC, Laura Loomer lists the companies that have banned her, much like the Chinese social credit score has been used against citizens in China. The companies include Twitter, Lyft, Uber, Gofundme, Chase, PayPal, Venmo, and Medium and more.

Obviously these Progressive companies keep social(ist) credit scores of their customers and ban them to a digital Beijing of sorts when they need re-education.

It’s hard to tell the difference between your average American Progressive and your average ChiCom. They have identical impulses.