Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

First Lady Jill Biden, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, received a damaging result on Thursday, as reported by her communications director, Elizabeth Alexander. Mrs. Biden is said to be feeling better and appreciative of the support and well-wishes she has received during her illness.

Leftist commentator Harry Sisson expressed his gratitude to medical professionals and the COVID-19 vaccine in response to this news. Sisson, known for his Democrat affiliation and a substantial following on TikTok, celebrated the swift recovery of the first lady and commended the role of medical professionals and the vaccine in her negative test result.

Sisson was not alone in expressing appreciation for COVID-19 vaccines. Leftist figure Victor Shi also highlighted the importance of vaccines in a post, emphasizing the need for everyone to stay healthy and get boosted.

It’s worth noting that despite receiving multiple vaccine doses, some prominent individuals have tested positive for COVID-19. In the past, Jill Biden tested positive while having mild symptoms despite being fully vaccinated and boosted.

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Looking ahead, updated COVID-19 vaccine boosters are expected to receive approval soon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has affirmed the high effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in preventing severe outcomes from COVID-19 infections.

In conclusion, the news of First Lady Jill Biden testing negative for COVID-19 after her recent positive test has sparked appreciation for medical professionals and the COVID-19 vaccine within the leftist community. It also highlights the ongoing importance of vaccination and booster shots in the fight against the virus, as even fully vaccinated individuals can contract mild cases. The approval of updated boosters is on the horizon, offering additional protection against severe outcomes.