‘Biden’s search for a connection also shows his approach to ethnic politics… ‘

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The New York Times and the Washington Post recently published articles in which they defended Joe Biden and his constant lying, according to the Daily Wire.

“For more than four decades, Mr. Biden has embraced storytelling as a way of connecting with his audience, often emphasizing the truth of his account by adding, ‘Not a joke!’ in the middle of a story,” the Times wrote.

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“But Mr. Biden’s folksiness can veer into folklore, with dates that don’t quite add up and details that are exaggerated or wrong, the factual edges shaved off to make them more powerful for audiences,” the leftist media organ fudged in providing cover for Biden.

Bezos’s publication also tried its best to justify Biden’s lies, many of which the mainstream media has repeated without questions.

“Put Biden in front of a crowd, and he’ll try to connect with it — even if, at times, the connection seems to stretch the available facts,” the Post wrote.

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