Posted BY: Tony Lentini

America’s Civil War, which raged from 1861 to 1865, was by far the bloodiest conflict in our history.  Original estimates put the death toll at about 620,000, including some 360,000 Union and 260,000 Confederate dead.  More recent estimates of the carnage are even higher:  750,000 to 850,000.  The Battle of Antietam on Sept. 17, 1862, at Sharpsburg, Maryland, still ranks as the bloodiest day in U.S. history, with nearly 23,000 casualties on both sides, including 3,675 killed in action.  How does a country possibly recover from a calamity so huge?

But recover we did.  Thanks to the wisdom of martyred president Abraham Lincoln and the munificence of soldiers who had fought brother against brother, reconciliation, and reunification were achieved, and our country not only survived but prospered.

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It could have been so much worse. Bloody guerrilla warfare might have persisted for decades. But saner heads on both sides prevailed. After all, Lincoln’s goal had been nothing short of preservation the United States of America.

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