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The U.S. government is leading all nations into a global beast system that would require compliance with digital health tyranny enforced by U.N. World Health Organization.

The Key to defeating this system is ‘the 25 percent’ who refuse to buckle under the pressure of tyrants.

Guest post by Leo Hohmann

Under whose flag do you wish to live?

We’re about to find out.

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Last summer the Biden regime was pushing an amendment to the international health regulations administered by the U.N. World Health Organization that would have given the WHO the power to dictate U.S. policy whenever there is a declared “public health emergency of international concern.”

Even a public health emergency of “regional concern” would have triggered the WHO’s authority to step in and enforce rules on mask-wearing, social distancing and lockdowns. Even vaccines, of which Big Pharma always has a new one at the ready, could be mandated by the United Nations agency headed by the corrupt Ethiopian communist Dr. Tedros.

But here’s the worst part. Guess who would get to declare such an emergency under these amended regulations? Of course, it’s the WHO and Dr. Tedros.

As Joe Hoft writes for The Gateway Pundit, the amended agreement would prevent Americans from doing anything that the United Nations world government apparatus didn’t want to be done “and would in essence take away all rights of Americans in an emergency like COVID.”

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