Posted BY: Monica Showalter

Well, the red wave wasn’t.

But there were bright spots for Republicans and trying to parse why they won is probably key to winning the next election for conservatives.

Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis drew a lot of attention as the night’s big Republican winner in last night’s race, knocking out his Democrat opponent, former Gov. Charlie Crist, with a 19.4-point blowout.

But there was Sen. Rand Paul, who won with an even higher margin. At last count, Paul won with a 22.6-point lead over his Democrat opponent, Charles Booker.

What explains these incredible margins of victory? DeSantis won his original governor’s chair on the barest of margins, and then won huge numbers of Florida voters over.

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Paul, who won his first Senate election by 11 percentage points in conservative Kentucky two terms ago, has since doubled his margin of victory on term three, meaning he, too, has persuaded more voters.

It may come down to the rule of scandals also applying to why candidates win big in elections.

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