Posted BY: John Green

There are forces determined to destroy the American experiment (and they’re not white supremacists, Joe).  The most dangerous are attacking from within. They’re using asymmetrical warfare to attack socially, economically, and ideologically to compromise our system of governance and bring about a new vision for America. Unfortunately, they use identifiers that hide their real intent.  I’ve been struggling with what to call them.

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In my writing, I’ve tried a lot of names for the “fundamentally change America” insurgents.  Many don’t work because they are literally incorrect.  I hate distortions of the English language.  One can’t win the debate of ideas if the words of the debate don’t have static meanings.  Other labels are just inadequate in describing the threat.

A “liberal” is someone who stands for liberty.  That is literally the opposite of what our “liberals” stand for.  They use cancelation and censorship to quiet disagreements.  They distort the law to crush dissent.  They use moral relativism to break our sense of right and wrong.  They don’t deliver liberty.  They deliver oppression and corruption.

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