Posted BY: Gil Gutknecht

In almost every action movie we eventually arrive at the critical point where the bad guys hold all of the cards and the good guys are seemingly out of options. It is at this juncture that the hero steps forward and says, “I’m going in. “            

He risks everything to save the day. We are allowed to project that in a similar circumstance we would have summoned the courage and done the same thing. We may even feel the endorphins pulse through our veins as we watch the scene unfold. It is for that feeling more than anything else that millions fork over eight bucks for popcorn. 

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That’s Hollywood. 

Real life is a bit more complicated. We saw real life play out in that sleepy little town in Texas recently. While the facts remain a bit sketchy, the story that seems to be emerging is anything but heroic for local law enforcement. In this drama the hero was an off-duty border patrol agent. Unfortunately, he arrived too late on the scene. The on-duty officers had taken cover for half an hour while the madman delivered unspeakable horror upon the innocent children trapped inside that school. Like virtually all similar stories, the bloodbath finally ended when a good guy with a gun took down the bad guy with a gun. 

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