Source: Breitbart

The LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall has told teachers in Britain to ditch the terms boys and girls and refer to pupils with the gender-neutral “learners”.

Stonewall, which has been supported financially by the nominally Conservative government in the UK, told schools that all “gendered” language should be removed from the classroom and that sports should no longer be divided by sex.

The leftist charity said in advice reported by The Telegraph that “it is unnecessary to say ‘boys and girls’ when referring to learners of all genders, you could instead say ‘learners’.”

The LGBTQ+ charity also called for the teaching of the controversial and grammatically dubious “they/them” pronouns, saying that teachers should refrain from using any “unnecessarily gendered language. Instead of using ‘he’/‘she’, you could use ‘they’.”

“Avoid dividing learners by gender, whether in the classroom (you could divide them by their favourite colour, month of birth or something else) or through uniform, sports activities or other aspects of school life,” Stonewall went on to demand.

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