Following online reporting by major media outlets and reporters that lied and falsely said Trump called the coronavirus a hoax at a campaign rally Friday night, Democrat presidential candidates picked up the false charge and attacked Trump on Twitter.

Next MSNBC aired a segment late Friday night in which 11th Hour host and veteran prevaricator Brian Williams and guest progressive propagandist Michael Moore both lied about Trump and smeared him by falsely accusing him of calling the coronavirus a hoax. Moore also lied saying that the Trump administration is not working on a vaccine and that Trump lied about the number of cases. Trump said that we have 15 cases, meaning those who got sick in the U.S., not the several dozen other cases involving evacuees brought back from overseas.

MSNBC: “.@MMFlint: Trump calling the coronavirus a ‘hoax’ is the most (dangerous) ever (sic) thing I’ve ever heard a president say in my lifetime.”

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