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In a decision that the liberal media called an “unprecedented” decision, late on Friday a federal judge in Texas issued an order that will shut down the prescription and distribution of mifepristone in seven days, one of two drugs used for medication abortions that have been on the market in the U.S. for more than two decades. However, it wasn’t immediately clear if it was the decision that was unprecedented, or that a member of the judicial branch did something that wasn’t immediately prompted by generous funding from George Soros.

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The preliminary injunction – which suspends the US government’s decades-old approval of the key drug used in medication abortion – was issued by US District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, an appointee of President Donald Trump, could soon end the sale and distribution of mifepristone, used as part of a two-pill regimen to terminate a pregnancy within the first 10 weeks, while a lawsuit seeking a more permanent ban on the drug proceeds.

The FDA can appeal the decision and Kacsmaryk’s order will not go into effect for seven days, giving the Biden administration time to appeal his decision to the New Orleans-based 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals, which is considered one of the most conservative courts in the country.

And confirming that the US judicial system is now terminally broken and is no longer blind but divided into left and right “justice”, Kacsmaryk’s ruling was almost immediately followed on Friday by a decision by a federal judge in Washington state – US District Judge Thomas Rice, an appointee of President Barack Obama – who granted a request by several Democratic-leaning states for an order affirming FDA approval of mifepristone and blocking the government from further restricting its distribution.

Religious groups and anti-abortion advocates targeted the FDA – whose credibility was already torn to shreds after the whole “covid thing” – in a November lawsuit claiming the agency fast-tracked approval of mifepristone in 2000 without sufficient scientific evidence, something the agency certainly did with various covid “vaccines” meant not to protect the population but to enrich a handful of pharma execs.

Medical groups have defended the medication, arguing that studies show it is safer than Tylenol and Viagra and sends fewer people to the emergency room than those drugs. Abortion rights supporters have decried the lawsuit as politically motivated and not based in science.

Kacsmaryk, who sits in Amarillo, Texas, said it was clear that the FDA overstepped its authority when it first approved mifepristone for use and suggested that the agency “faced significant political pressure” to advance the drug.

“The Court does not second-guess FDA’s decision-making lightly,” Kacsmaryk said in his decision. “But here, FDA acquiesced on its legitimate safety concerns — in violation of its statutory duty — based on plainly unsound reasoning and studies that did not support its conclusions.”

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