Posted BY: M.B. Mathews

If you wondered why liberals can be shown demonstrable, provable facts and not change their minds, wonder no more: They are not listening. It is not simply a case of them listening and holding on to their opinions; they are, in fact, just not listening to you.

I was watching Charlie Kirk on a very recent Young Americans for Freedom video on YouTube. During the Q&A, a very confident 20-ish student asked why blacks are imprisoned at higher rates than whites. She insisted it was due to “white privilege” and “institutional racism.” Kirk presented facts and actual verifiable statistics and gave her at least two reasons for the imbalanced imprisonment rate, neither of which had anything to do with racism: Blacks commit more crimes than whites according to FBI statistics, and blacks come from fatherless homes. “We subsidize single motherhood in this country,” said Kirk, who gave her more stats, and more info. When she was proved wrong, she got arrogant, resorting to insults. She was not listening.

At no time did she appear thoughtful. She knew she’d been outclassed so she finished up by saying, “I can see I’m getting nowhere with y’all and y’all are not answering my questions” and she turned her back and flounced off. After Kirk gave her at least two legitimate and reasoned answers to her questions, she still said he didn’t. She behaved as though he had not spoken and wasn’t even in the room.

Liberals have invested their entire personas in their liberalism. If that is proved to be wrongheaded, their lives come apart, or so they believe. What is striking is that talking to a liberal has become utterly useless. When you present them with reasonable information and validated facts, they not only do not believe you, they are not listening. They seem to be mutants without functioning ears.

I have personal experience with this kind of deafness, as have my friends who have family members who behave the same way this student did. Liberal arguments run out quickly. At that point, the insults set in because there is nowhere else to go. They believe that if they can demonstrate that the person disagreeing with them is a reprehensible wart-laden liar and ignoramus, they will win their arguments. Their peers clap and jeer, never once listening or contemplating, “Could I possibly be wrong? Could they be right?” No. They are not listening to you.

Listening requires active participation and a thoughtful mindset. It requires a willingness to learn and grow. But liberals believe that they know all there is to know from their cradles on up because Mom and their teachers have told them they are perfect (they’re not), can be anything they want to be (they can’t), and they are brilliant (not likely). Lies like these have spawned at least two generations of know-nothings; uneducated but well indoctrinated, illogical but cosseted. They are without reason but believe they alone are reasonable. It is frustrating trying to talk with such liberals when they opt out of their half of the discussion by swearing, being objectionable, or lying. They also often lack facts while believing they alone have them.

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Watching the young student desperately trying to prove she was right about institutional racism in the face of facts and statistics proving otherwise was disheartening, not just for the country but for her as well. When you don’t listen, your personal bubble never gets penetrated by the light of truth. So much of what is wrong with American culture is because liberals don’t listen. Worse, they don’t want to listen. They hate conservatives and Republicans because that’s the Kool-Aid their parents and teachers fed them. That said, they are saying the same things about us conservatives, but they are wrong and you will not convince them otherwise.

I have listened to them. With few exceptions, they are flat-out, dead solid perfect, historically, road-kill wrong. They embrace the death of liberty and free speech all the while championing the death of babies and shutting down free speech. How do they do that with a straight face? And by the way, pointing out their hypocrisy doesn’t work, either. They ignore it. They are not listening.

We no longer debate. One side shuts the other side down on social media platforms, podcasts, videos, and news with which they disagree. The Right welcomes free speech. The Left is horrified by it. How do you find common ground with that?

It is critical to understand that the Left does not want debate. They are not listening and don’t want to listen. They want only to shut you up and shut you down. They do not care if your argument is rational and theirs is not. It doesn’t matter to them. If you are silenced, that is the end game and it’s a good one that is working for them. So far.

But there is a disturbance in the Force. Conservatives are rising up at an increasing rate, creating a tidal wave of people who are finally willing to fight back. Many school boards, long the private club of liberals, are now being turned around now that conservatives got to see the bottom of the garbage heap that is our education system. Governors are taking parents and conservatives seriously for once.

Companies are regretting their woke positions. People are now running for office to offset the college-student-level reasoning that permeates our politics. There is liberal panic everywhere you turn because they see the writing on the wall. We are where we are because conservatives were too complacent, relying on somebody else to fix things. That is over.

We are awake now and mightily cheesed off. They have tried to baptize this cat but are getting clawed raw. The sleeping dragon is up. The wheels are coming off the train. Choose your metaphor, but however you dress up this lipsticked pig this will not end well for the emperor and his clothes.