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The American landscape is littered with so many ongoing and predesigned crises, as well as the never-ending falsehoods and illegalities of the Biden Administration, it is nearly impossible for the average American to keep up with all the facets of the Covid-19 quagmire.  As the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, the so-called “mainstream media” is regurgitating the approved government talking points, herewith is an update.

The efficacy of the vaccines

Once in office, Joe Biden and his administration openly and vociferously claimed that once people are vaccinated, they would not be susceptible to Covid-19.   In this same timeframe the media, the CDC, and the pharmaceutical companies were touting the vaccines as nearly 100% effective in preventing Covid-19 infections.  Those pronouncements were the key element that convinced so many to get the vaccine as they assumed once they were vaccinated it was a permanent preventative.

How is it going after 11 months of worldwide mass vaccinations?  A look at those countries with the highest percentage of their overall populations that are fully vaccinated reveals:

Singapore with 85% of the population vaccinated has hit a new high in both covid infections and deaths due to covid-19.  

Iceland with a 77% vaccination rate has reinstituted lockdowns and social distancing as cases and deaths surge hitting new highs

Ireland which has achieved a 76% fully vaccinated rate has experienced a surprising and new high in covid cases and deaths thus lockdowns are being reimposed on a local level. 

The Netherlands (74% vaccination rate) has also experienced a dramatic surge in new cases and deaths reaching new highs during the pandemic.  The government is also reinstituting lockdowns and other measures.  

In the United States, Vermont with the highest level of fully vaccinated among the fifty states, (72%) has hit a record high in new cases of Covid-19. 

It should be noted that the preponderance of the increase in cases and deaths experienced by these countries was among their vaccinated population.  Thus, putting a lie to not only the efficacy of the vaccines but the folly of imposing vaccine mandates.

The safety of the vaccines

In the spring of this year, Jill Biden on behalf of the administration stated unequivocally: “The vaccine is safe and effective, and it saves lives.”  A post-election message that Anthony Fauci, the CDC, and the pharmaceutical companies had been touting since November of 2020. How safe are the vaccines?

Recently six European countries have suspended or terminated the use of the Moderna vaccine for the younger population (30 and under). Reports of heart issues such as myocarditis and pericarditis in an extraordinarily high percentage of this age group prompted this action.

Taiwan has suspended the Pfizer vaccine for younger people stating that per stats from America the risk of youths experiencing myocarditis after receiving a second dose of the vaccines is ten times higher than after the first dose.

Throughout the United States, a strange phenomenon is happening in the nation’s hospitals.  Emergency rooms are swamped, not with people with Covid, but with patients suffering from respiratory conditions, blood clots, and heart conditions. Symptoms that are per Dr. Robert Malone the most common and underreported serious side-effects of the vaccines.

Per Dr. Peter McCullough, a world-renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist said that heart inflammation cases have increased by 5000% in 4 months, mainly affecting young men.  In June 2021, the CDC reported 200 cases of myocarditis; by October, 10,304 cases had been reported and perhaps additional unreported cases were near that high.

Excess deaths primarily due to respiratory, autoimmune, and heart issues (not due to covid) are 20-50% higher for the summer and fall of 2021 as compared to the five-year average in the same calendar period for those countries with a high percentage of the population vaccinated for Covid-19. A coincidence?

Yet the Biden regime and their co-conspirators in the pharmaceutical companies continue to push not only for vaccine mandates but the vaccination of children as young as five.

Natural immunity versus vaccine immunity

The CDC, the FDA, and the Biden Administration have, for the past eleven months, been adamantly claiming the immunity engendered by the vaccines is superior to natural immunity precipitated by prior infections with Covid-19. However:

 The CDC has been forced to admit that they do not have on record even one instance of an unvaccinated naturally immune individual transmitting Covid-19 to another individual. Unlike innumerable instances when fully vaccinated people transmit the virus to other people, thus, confirming the superiority of natural immunity.

A recent study published by the CDC claiming vaccine immunity is superior has been pilloried by numerous doctors, epidemiologists, and other experts as a sham.  Alex Berenson wrote: “The CDC study is meaningless gibberish that never would have been published if the agency did not face huge political pressure to get people vaccinated.

There have been 128 documented and peer-reviewed studies affirming the superiority of natural immunity, in contrast to one highly flawed non-peer-reviewed CDC study. 

If there is any doubt that the ongoing exploitation of the Covid-19 pandemic has been precipitated by political and financial considerations, the insistence that vaccines engender greater protection than natural immunity should remove any question.

Do the Covid vaccines cause variants?

The CDC on its website claims: “Covid vaccines do not create or cause variants of the virus that causes Covid-19.”  Is that true?

Notable scientists, doctors, and Nobel Prize winners from around the world have assessed and warned that mass vaccination will engender variants from what are leaky mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.  Bronwyn MacInnes, a world-renowned genomicist claimed in April of 2021 that mass vaccinations will almost certainly drive the emergence of new and concerning variants. Professor Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize winner, has made the same claim as has Dr. Robert Malone.

A new covid variant identified in a number of highly vaccinated European countries is raising concerns among health professionals because there are changes to the coronavirus spike protein that have never been seen before.

Another mistake by the CDC, ignorance of the nature of mRNA vaccines or a deliberate effort to peddle vaccines?

The approval process for the vaccines

After the FDA issued Emergency Use Authorizations for the various Covid-19 vaccines, the public was reassured by Dr. Fauci and others in the government medical bureaucracy that there was full transparency, and no shortcuts were taken by the pharmaceutical companies.

 A U.S. subcontractor for Pfizer working on the Covid-19 vaccine has been accused by a company executive of cutting corners, skewing data, and putting patients at risk as they were under enormous pressure to produce results.

What other shortcuts or data skewing were there during the trials and subsequent rollouts by the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA?

The two-year Covid-19 pandemic from its origin in a laboratory in Wuhan to the Communist Chinese attempt to obfuscate and deliberately allow the virus to spread throughout the world, to the absurd economic and societal lockdowns throughout the planet, to now the incessant drumbeat of mandatory vaccinations with an unproven vaccine that does not prevent the disease, will go down as perhaps the most inane period of time in human history.  And the United States, with the inept and fascist Biden administration, is at the forefront of it all.

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