Posted BY: Michael A. Letts

As the Chicago mayoral primary election approaches in April, the candidates are looking to defeat incumbent mayor Lori Lightfoot. They have apparently found her Achilles heel… crime.

Chicago Police statistics aren’t something Lightfoot can trumpet as a success. During her time in office, crime is up 19 percent in the city. Murders have increased by 20 percent since 2018, and shootings are up 19 percent. Motor vehicle thefts saw the largest increase of 114 percent.

While some categories decreased, such as criminal sexual assaults (down 4 percent), it’s not enough to improve the city’s violent image, especially among its residents.


With eight candidates running to unseat Lightfoot, they have all noticed public safety is not something Lightfoot can tout, while it is of great concern to citizens.

Lightfoot is aware of her problem. In January, she broke ground on a $170 million public safety center on the city’s west side. She said she wanted to make Chicago one of the safest cities in the nation.

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