Posted BY: Ian MacConnell

I’ve been a Republican voter in Massachusetts for over forty years.  

I also suffered from another malady – being a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan.  As you can imagine, I was pretty used to ‘my team’ always losing, whether in championships or elections. Then, along came the 2000s. The Curse of the Bambino had been broken at last, and I finally began to see the truth behind blue-state politics: That miracles can happen. 

For many years, I believed the conventional wisdom – that there were just a lot of foolish, uninformed Democrat voters up here. 

I watched my state legislature do things that everyone seemed to hate.  I always wished I could put a paper bag over my head when I drove out of state, embarrassed by the representatives Massachusetts always sent to Washington.  Examples, you ask?  This clown, this fraud, and this troublemaker, to name but a few.  Space won’t allow for the complete Rogue’s Gallery. Massachusetts is notorious for doing that.

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To my amazement, these people never failed to get elected, again and again. I started to notice that this phenomenon was also going on in other blue states. Was it possible that so many voters in those other places were idiots, too? According to, only a very small fraction of people have an IQ below 70, so it couldn’t be that. I realized that something more nefarious has been afoot all along. 

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