Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who loves to bloviate on cable news and the talk shows, is the man who has launched a thousand excuses to not hold hearings on the Deep State attempt to overthrow duly elected President Donald J. Trump. Can’t muddy up the waters with all this stuff going on, Graham opined. He just might disturb someone else’s investigation.

Running out of excuses and time, Graham has scheduled hearings in June, but with one very important proviso — with all evidence pointing to Barack Hussein Obama as the architect and quarterback of the coup, particularly the Jan. 5 White House meeting that set up Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, Lindsey Graham wants Obama and links to him to be off limits. Lisa Page told FBI lover Peter Strzok, “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing.” Graham wants to hear nothing about what Obama was doing, at least not from the unindicted co-conspirator himself.

The fire Graham showed during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings has been extinguished, it seems. As Sen. John McCain’s best bud shrinks under the responsibility of actually chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee against hostile Democrats. President Trump has had enough of Sen. Milquetoast’s ambivalence and waffling:

“If I were a Senator or Congressman, the first person I would call to testify about the biggest political crime and scandal in the history of the USA, by FAR, is former President Obama,” Trump tweeted Thursday. “He knew EVERYTHING.”

“Do it @LindseyGrahamSC, just do it,” he continued. “No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more talk!”

Lindsey Graham, who apparently has just tested negative for cojones, cautions about making Democrats mad for they might, wait for it, retaliate against Trump later:

As to unmasking, we’ll be asking questions about that regarding Gen. Flynn. But as I said in my statement, no president’s above the law, but we do have separations of powers and I think it could be a bad precedent to compel a former president to come before the Congress. That would open up a can of worms, and for a variety of reasons, I don’t think that’s a good idea. But we will do a lot of oversight over all things Crossfire Hurricane.

Bad precedent? It is bad precedent for an outgoing administration to conduct illegal surveillance on members of an incoming administration, to illegally spy on them and commit fraud upon the FISA court. It is bad precedent to alter and lose FBI 302s and to unmask private citizens, leaking that information to the Washington Post. That is a 10-year felony, Sen. Graham

If luck holds and Graham stops being a girly-man senator, Trump wouldn’t have to worry about being called to testify in anything until 2025. Maybe never, if Republicans hold the Congress. We’ll take that chance, Lindsey, and so will Trump. After Russiagate, Ukrainegate, and impeachment

Graham hasn’t done a lot of oversight thus far.  On May 1, 2019 he promised investigations on how the Mueller probe started. He made the comments during testimony by Attorney General Bill Barr in front of the Senate. As NewsTarget recounts the moment:

Last spring, before Attorney General William Barr was set to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, its chairman, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), vowed to hold hearings into the origins of “Spygate,” the Obama-era operation to depose President Donald Trump for daring to win the 2016 election…

After a lengthy introduction in which Graham discussed the various aspects of the Mueller investigation and resulting report, he made a promise: “When the Mueller report is put to bed, and it soon will be, this committee is going to look long and hard at how this all started.

“We’re gonna look at the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) process… did Russia provide [former British spy] Christopher Steele the information about Trump that turned out to be garbage that was used to get a warrant on an American citizen, and if so, how did the system fail,” he added.

But, as The Gateway Pundit reported Friday (Nov. 10, 2019), there (was) not a single hearing on the Judiciary Committee’s schedule that has anything at all to do with Spygate, its origins, the suspected FISA warrant abuses, or any other aspect of the deep state’s seditious coup attempt against President Trump.

Well, the Mueller witchhunt ended, was put to bed, and a report finding no Russian collusion with Trump came out, and Lindsey Graham still did nothing. He had to wait for Barr to look into things. He had to wait until U.S. Atty. John Durham did his investigation. He had to wait for Michael Flynn’s case to be settled. And we’re still waiting. Up to this point, Graham has scheduled or held no committee hearings on the Deep State, FBI, and CIA corruption, Spygate, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Mueller, Stefan Halper, George Papadopoulos,  John Brennan, James Comey, Chris Wray, James Clapper, etc.

President Obama must be called to testify, for it is he who gave the marching orders that started the whole corrupt Deep State coup. Close scrutiny of the intelligence community’s actions by Durham and Barr should send chills up Clapper’s spine and that of former CIA Director John Brennan’s as well  In the search for the answer as to how the whole Mueller collusion probe and spying on Team Trump originated, one does not have to look far. One need only to revisit another interview that deep state conspirator and perjurer James Clapper gave to CNN’s Anderson Cooper. In that interview, former Director of National Intelligence and current CNN contributor James “I Lied To Congress And Got Away With It” Clapper points his finger directly at Barack Obama as leader of the coup against Donald Trump:

Former Obama administration director of national intelligence James Clapper admitted that former president Barack Obama gave the order to Peter Strzok to kick off his Operation Crossfire Hurricane targeting of President Donald Trump.

Obama — who also gave a stand-down order on stopping alleged Russian hacking — was personally implicated in the plot, according to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s texts. Clapper confirms the obvious.

This is James Clapper’s interview with Anderson Cooper, which confirms that Obama ordered Strzok to carry out an Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), which became the basis for the entire Mueller probe.

“If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place…”

No more Mr. Nice Guy, Lindsey. This fish rots from the head. Let Obama try to pull a Lois Lerner and invoke the Fifth Amendment. Exposing this criminal fraud would set a good precedent and go a long way toward Trump’s goal of assuring that this never happen to another president.