Posted BY: Joe Hoft

The Biden White House video participation rate is pathetic.  This is what happens when a gang of individuals steal an election and put in a place a senile old clown who no one likes and who has no base of followers. 

Today Biden gave a pathetic presentation in New Mexico.  Only 2,700 people have even clicked on it.  The page has only 150 upvotes.  The downvotes have been hidden.  YouTube won’t report the number of dislikes.  They stopped doing this on Biden videos.  It sounds like almost no one is in attendance at this event as well.  This is horrible.  Biden has no base!  He looks lost.

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We noticed that the YouTube was suppressing Biden’s down votes last year.

Now the White House has videos of Jill Biden or a COVID team or Kamala Harris, anyone to get Joe out of the limelight.  The numbers of people watching these videos are pathetic.  This isn’t a Presidency it’s a horrible joke.