Posted BY: Patty McMurray

Trump-hating Rep. Liz Cheney was chosen by prime-time show organizers to open the Democrat-led Jan 6 witch hunt hearing tonight.

While Democrats and never-Trump RINOs in Congress are cheering her disgusting testimony tonight, Liz Cheney is getting hammered by conservatives on social media.

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In a brutal tweet, Greg Kelly of Newsmax points out how Cheney’s dad lied about the WMD in Iraq to draw our troops into a decades-long war. Kelly suggested that “TREACHERY runs in the family,” adding, “LIZ IS LYING”

It would negligent for conservatives to forget fellow never-Trump RINO Adam Kinzinger (IL) in their anti-Cheney tweets:

So, how popular is the never-Trump daughter of George W. Bush’s VP Dick Cheney, the only man Democrats hated more than GW Bush? Well, a new poll shows Rep. Liz Cheney’s not very popular at all in her home state of Wyoming. The new poll shows that only 28 percent of Wyoming Republican voters say they would vote for Cheney in the upcoming 2022 midterm election.

Daily Mail reports – The survey of 400 likely Republican primary voters in the deep red state shows that 56 percent would vote for Trump-backed candidate Harriet Hageman over the incumbent if the election were held today.

Wyoming GOP House candidate Harriet Hageman

Rep. Liz Cheney’s Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman is accepting donations for her campaign here. Wouldn’t it be a shame for Liz if her opponent Harriet Hageman broke a fundraising record tonight?

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