Actress Roseanne Barr is sick and tired of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democrats.

Earlier this week, Barr released a video of herself discussing Ocasio-Cortez and the Democratic Party’s dramatic turn toward socialism.

In typical Barr fashion, she did not hold her tongue in the video and certainly had some harsh words for the 29-year-old bartender turned lawmaker.

“That Green New Deal that that Farrakhan-loving b*tch, I don’t even remember her name, the bug-eyed b*tch, it looks like a realtor, she got the realtor eyes,” Barr said.

“I can always tell by realtor eyes, she got ‘em. Bug-eyed lying b*tch, Farrakhan fan, Israel hater, lefty dumb*ss, dumba**es.”

Noting that her Green New Deal would cost “hundreds of people decent-paying jobs,” Barr said “that’s what socialism does, and I just gotta say it: socialism is a fake f***ing con. It’s just like capitalism but it comes from the bottom up, not the top down. It’s a f***ing Ponzi scheme and a con game.”

Barr then absolutely tore into socialism with a brutal take down.

“Here’s why they want the immigrants,” Barr continued. “First of all, because all their buddies are hiring up for less than minimum wage, that’s a big draw. And second because no Americans are going to vote for their asses anymore, ‘cause we woke up to the shit you’re doing. You’re decimating whole communities in inner cities while you live up there in a vineyard and a mansion.”

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“That’s what socialism gets us,” Barr declared. “We don’t want none of that sh*t, okay? We don’t want what you did in Venezuela.”


It’s unclear what she meant by “realtor eyes,” but Barr did have a valid point about Ocasio-Cortez supporting socialism.

Many will also agree with Barr that Ocasio-Cortez apparently wants to make America more like Venezuela with her socialist agenda.

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Looking beyond the actual policies and ideas in the Green New Deal, Americans will also be furious when they learn just how much Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist measure will cost them.

A new study reveals that the price tag for Green New Deal comes out to $7 trillion.

In fact, a recent study from PJ Media found that the estimated $7 trillion projected cost is painfully low, and that it could actually cost nearly $50 trillion, which would be roughly seven — SEVEN — times more than that.

The “Green New Deal” will cost approximately $49.109 trillion in the first ten years, enough to fund Trump’s border wall 8,616 times over. The president is requesting $5.7 billion for the wall.

Ocasio-Cortez has also called for a smart power grid to replace the U.S. power grid, an estimated cost of $338 billion on the low-end ($476 billion on the high-end), according to the Electric Power Research Institute. This kind of transition may be a good idea in general, but it drives up the cost of the “Green New Deal.”

All that “free” stuff Ocasio-Cortez keeps promising sure is expensive.

Beyond her colorful commentary and harsh language, Barr certainly made a point about Ocasio-Cortez and socialism that many Americans support.