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The U.S. is apparently at such a stage of degeneracy that anti-gun radicals are buying guns to shoot people and make the case for banning firearms. The man responsible for the deaths of five at Old National Bank in Lousiville, Kentucky, on April 10 reportedly admitted that the motivation for his killing spree was to further the left’s gun-control agenda.

A 13-page manifesto uncovered by the Daily Mail allegedly disclosed that the 25-year-old shot and killed multiple colleagues in part to prove his belief that guns are too easy to obtain in Kentucky. The shooter also reportedly wanted to draw attention to mental illness, something his parents later disclosed he suffered from and took medicine for, and explicitly expressed a desire to kill himself.

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The shooter died after police officers shot him. Ironically, the shooter’s death illustrates that the best way to counter a trigger-happy madman is for good guys with guns to employ that great equalizer, but that’s not the message gun-control activists took away from the tragedy.

Gun control backers latched onto the shooter’s crimes to embolden Democrats to move forward with unconstitutional red-flag laws and gun grabs.

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