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The French president has spoken out in a YouTube video in response to comments from climate cultists, NGOs, and green political opponents who were “shocked” by remarks made about the climate during his December 31, 2022 greetings.

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On Tuesday 17 January, Emmanuel Macron published a nearly 18-minute video on YouTube entitled “Your questions on ecology: I’m back at it!”. As reported by Le Figaro, the President of the Republic wished to revisit his remarks on climate change which caused a green controversy during his wishes on 31 December. “I was misunderstood […] What did I really mean? It is that basically, it [climate change] came even faster than expected,” said Emmanuel Macron on camera.

The tenant of the Elysee was reacting to the sentence he had pronounced, in which he stated: “Who could have predicted the climate crisis with spectacular effects again this summer in our country?” Indignant green climatologists, NGOs and political opponents reacted angrily to his comment.

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