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Paris (AFP) – French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday he hoped his bitterly contested pensions reform plan, forced through parliament without a vote, could complete “its democratic journey”, a day before crucial votes in parliament.

The controversial legislation, which has led to months of protests in parliament and on the streets, will be adopted in parliament Monday unless either of two motions of no-confidence in the government passes.

“After months of political and social consultation and more than 170 hours of debate which resulted in the vote of a compromise text between the (two parliamentary chambers)…”, Macron expressed his wish “that the text on pensions can go to the end of its democratic journey with respect for all”.

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His words came in a statement issued by the president’s office to AFP.

If passed, Macron’s reform would raise the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 as well as increasing the number of years people must pay into the system to receive a full pension.

The government’s decision last week to resort to Article 49.3 of the constitution to force the bill through parliament without a vote has prompted anger in the streets after weeks of mostly peaceful protests.

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