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French President Emmanuel Macron appeared on TV and asked for ‘calm’ from the population to no avail: protests, blockages, and confrontations intensified Thursday, as Syndicates estimate 3,5 million people took to the streets against Macron’s Pension Reform ‘by decree’.

And, now, it surfaces that England’s King Charles III has had to postpone his first state visit, to France, on account of the social instability in the country.

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BBC reports:

“King Charles III’s state visit to France has been postponed, after a request by President Emmanuel Macron.

[…] Buckingham Palace said the delay was due to the ‘situation in France’.

[…] President Emmanuel Macron spoke to the King on Friday morning, the Elysée Palace said, adding the state visit would be rescheduled as soon as possible, ‘so that his majesty will be welcomed in conditions which correspond to our friendly relationship’.”

Protesters set fire to Bordeaux city hall. Credit:

The ever-increasing protests made the trip impossible, and the last-minute postponement makes Macron lose face. It certainly didn’t help that the City hall in Bordeaux, a city that King Charles was set to visit, was set alight on Thursday night.

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