A feminist researcher has revealed that the UK Liberal Democrats received significant financial support from a firm which makes puberty-blocking drugs ahead of the 2019 British elections.

Jean Hatchet, who investigated political donations to the Lib-Dems via the Electoral Commission website, tweeted out the results early this month, finding that since July 2018, the party received over £334,000 from Ferring Pharmaceuticals, including £100,000 in November in the run-up to the general election.

In total, the company has donated over £1.4 million since 2012.

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Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a Swiss-based firm which produces the chemical Triptorelin, which is used in the forms of Diphereline and Gonapeptyl as a puberty blocker for young girls to begin the process of transitioning. The instructions for Gonapeptyl state that it should only be started in girls under 9 years and boys under 10, far below the age that a person should be at to understand and consent to such a permanently altering and destructive decision.

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