Posted BY: Don Brown

Recently, Army secretary Christine Wormuth, who never served a day in the military, grabbed the microphone at an event sponsored by the Association of the United States Army to address a topic near and dear to the left: wokeness.

“I’m not sure what woke means,” Wormuth claimed (see at 14:48).  “If woke means we are not focused on warfighting, we are not focused on readiness, that doesn’t reflect what I see at installations all around the country or overseas when I go and visit.  But we do have a wide range of soldiers in our Army and we have got to make them all feel included.  And that’s why a lot of our diversity, equity, and inclusion programs are important.”

So the secretary wants “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs so that all the soldiers “feel included”?  And she claims not to know what woke means in the military. 

Here’s a quick primer, Madame Secretary — just the tip of the woke iceberg you claim not to recognize.

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