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Donald Trump’s lead is growing.

He has now retaken the lead from Ron DeSantis in the California GOP primary.

A recent poll found 44% support Donald Trump and 26% support Ron DeSantis.

Just three months ago DeSantis led Trump by 8 points.

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The Hill reported:

Former President Trump has retaken the lead from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) among California’s likely 2024 Republican primary voters, a poll released Sunday reveals.

In the survey by the University of California-Berkeley Institute of Government Studies (IGS), 44 percent of the Golden State’s likely GOP primary voters said they supported Trump, while 26 percent said they supported DeSantis, an 18-point lead for the former president.

Just three months ago, the same poll found that Trump trailed DeSantis by 8 points, with 37 percent supporting DeSantis — who officially entered the race Wednesday — and 29 percent backing Trump, who threw his hat into the ring in November.

Twelve other Republicans were tested in the poll, but none received more than 4 percent of the state’s likely GOP voters. Thirteen percent of respondents answered “other/undecided.”

MAGA is stronger than ever!