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According to a recent Associated Press/NORC poll, most Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, express concerns about Joe Biden’s age and potential candidacy for a second presidential term. The survey indicates that 77 percent of the respondents believe Biden is too old to pursue re-election.

While it’s unsurprising that 89 percent of Republicans hold this belief, what’s notable is that 69 percent of Democrats also share this sentiment. Interestingly, the poll unveils a discrepancy in opinions regarding former President Trump’s age and eligibility for office. Less than half of the participants consider Trump too old to hold office, suggesting a divergence in how age is perceived in the context of different political figures.

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The poll delved further by prompting participants to provide word associations with Joe Biden. A significant 28 percent of Democrats employed terms like “old,” “outdated,” “retire,” and “elderly” when describing Biden, focusing on his age rather than his presidential role. Notably, terms like “president,” “leader,” “strong,” and “capable” were less commonly linked to him.

Additional insights from the survey point out that 15 percent of respondents associated words such as “slow,” “confused,” and “sleepy” with Biden, reflecting concerns about his cognitive abilities. Conversely, only a mere 1 percent attributed positive attributes like “smart,” “wise,” and “knowledgeable” to him.

In conclusion, the Associated Press/NORC poll underlines a prevailing sentiment among Americans that Joe Biden’s age might impact his ability to run for a second presidential term. Democrats and Republicans express concerns about his age, with a significant proportion associating negative attributes with his cognitive fitness. This survey sheds light on the public’s nuanced perceptions of age and its potential implications for political leadership.