More than half of the population is also in favor of peace talks between Kiev and Moscow, a new survey has shown

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More than half of Germans do not support the idea of Ukraine joining NATO, a YouGov poll commissioned by Germany’s dpa news agency has shown. As many as 54% of the survey respondents opposed such a prospect, the news agency reported on Friday.

Only 27% of those polled said they would agree to offer Kyiv the prospect of membership in the US-led military bloc.

In April, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed that most Europeans would not understand if Kiev does not get a “well-deserved invitation” to join NATO. The Ukrainian leader is now expected to take part in a NATO summit in Lithuania in July, according to dpa.

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Germans, meanwhile, mostly want Kiev to start negotiations with Moscow instead, the YouGov poll showed. According to the survey, 55% of respondents called for negotiations between Russian and Ukraine on ending the ongoing conflict. Only 28% opposed such an initiative.

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