Posted BY: Brian Parsons

The Socratic method is a form of cooperative dialogue focused on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking.  It is based on the works of the early Greek philosopher Plato and is named after Socrates, who developed this method.  At the core of the Socratic method is teasing out hypotheses to answer questions and then eliminating those with contradictions.  The objective is to reach some truth by way of debate.  The great thinkers of civilizations past understood that to reach the truth, you must debate.

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A lack of debate has led to much recent consternation.  No good thing comes from stifling debate, and an unquestioned consensus is often the tool of tyrants. Some examples of our recent abandonment of debate include our response to COVID-19, the safety of resulting mRNA vaccines, election integrity, the funding of the Ukraine War, climate alarmism, gender ideology, and more. Assuming that you don’t live inside of a vacuum, you’ve no doubt had an encounter with the Ministry of Truth and its actions to stifle debate.  It may have looked like a warning label covering a social media post or an opinion editorial dressed up as investigative fact-check.

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