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GOP Candidate Kimberly Yee won AZ Treasurer race with 1.37million votes – how did AZ Gov candidate Kari Lake only get 1.25Mil?’Something is very wrong in Arizona.’

Political commentators are crying fraud after vote tallies show more people voted for the Republican candidate in Arizona’s Treasurer race than voted for the GOP candidate in the state governor’s race.

The bizarre discrepancy can be observed in official vote tallies from the New York Times, which receives its election results from the Associated Press.

Evidently, according to vote totals, Republican incumbent Kimberly Yee received 1.37 million votes, securing her the state Treasurer’s seat against Democrat opponent Martin Quezada by over 278,000 votes.

Bizarrely, however, the same enthusiasm for the GOP was not seen in the state’s hotly contested governor’s race, where Arizona’s top election official Katie Hobbs managed to squeak out a Democrat victory against GOP rival Kari Lake. Hobbs won by 19,273 votes against Lake.

Whereas Yee received 1.37 million votes in her race, Lake curiously only managed to receive around 1.25 million, a discrepancy of close to 120,000 votes.

The discrepancy in vote totals set off alarm bells for pundits on social media, who rightfully questioned why more voters would vote Republican in a lower-profile election like the treasurer’s race than the closely-watched governor’s race.

The anomaly was also taken as evidence the governor’s race was fixed, with many suggesting the real outcome of the race should have reflected the Treasury election’s results.

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